Art for the Soul

My art for the soul is spirit lead that is inspired by ancient mythology art that depicts a magical and high energy vibration of a variety of subjects that could be sacred geometry, nature, angels, scenes in Greek, Hindu or Egyptian times just to name a few!

Types of work:

  • Soul Portraits – Select from one or two packages for your own custom soul portrait- $450- 11×15 watercolor $950 16×20 mixed media- see more details below
  • Angel Art – Select a print from of one of my original paintings. Available in two sizes 3 x 5 $5 and 8 x 11 $40
  • Mystical Art – Connect with your totem Spirit animal, Sacred geometry symbol or spiritual image that resonates with you. Message additional $50 fee. 8 x 8 original watercolor $150 and up
  • Messages from Above – Do you have a favorite Archangel, Saint or saying. Pick your own or I could be guided to select images and a messages just for! 10×10 mixed media starting at $185
  • Heart to Heart Link – A personal connection to your beloved one or pet customize with a an image an optional a message, prayer or quote that has meaning for you. 11 x 15 original watercolor painting starting at $250

Soul Portraits The Divine Energy of Your Gifts!

Why not give yourself a boost and shift into a more Authentic self and empowerment!

What kind of a soul portrait is it?

It is an energy painting that heals your heart and soul from the vibration of colors and symbols!

Does it look like me?

It could but not necessarily. It will have symbols and subjects that you can relate to, and when viewing it makes you feel connected to yourself. It’s art for the soul!

How does it work?

We set a date to meet, or you can mail in a photo, and then I will create sketches from my guided images. Your custom portrait will take up to 4- 5 months to create. Each artwork comes with a message and explanation of energetic qualities that came through as I painted. Since there is a waiting list I ask for a deposit to hold your date.

Package 1: Watercolor Soul Portrait 11 x 15, Written message (2 Pages)
Package 2: Illustration Soul Portrait 16 X20 on a 2” Panel, Mixed media with earth elements, Written message (4 pages)
Package 3: Tradition portrait (via photo), No written message

Email for price package that fits for you. Since there is a waiting list $100 hold your spot, additional deposit at the time of sitting and remainder at delivery. Three payments over a period of 4 to 5 months. Shipping cost additional.
  • “Life gives you those moments that take your breath away – we were filled with much love and gratitude. Receiving my soul porch and created by Lisa Fazio was one of those moments. Be certain to really capture of numerous aspects of my being, both human and on the floor level. I am still taking in all the amazing energy is that Lisa represented and can feel the many different layers of love and grace. My heart and soul have been touched by Lisa… Much gratitude to her, a talented intuitive or just an friend."

    Diane McCarthyClient
  • Thank you, I am speechless by it and it really encapsulated my spirit and message from many different angles! Lisa is very intuitive, supportive, has a true calling, we are very lucky to have you!!

    Jacob L. CooperClient
  • Lisa is an incredible artist that has captured my Soul essence in this life and past lives as a Healer. To see Mother Earth, the mountains, water, elementals and SO much more… her Spiritual Art channeled my Soul and my Angels. IT shows me where I will continue to grow so I can assist others Thank you Lisa for your gifted artwork!

    Yvonne CookClient
  • This beautiful artwork channeled from spirit has helped me realize the work that I need to be doing for myself to heal my soul and rejuvenate. It is an incredible experience!

    Jessica RomanoClient

“If your soul feels a connection to getting a ‘soul portrait’….get it done. I know that the exchange is high, but anything of ‘worth’ is. And I will tell you…it is ‘worth’ EVERY CENT! I can only speak for myself …This piece that Lisa created for me is beyond anything in this dimension of time & space. She has talents that are created in other dimensions and channeled directly onto the canvas that are brought through her passion for creating. Artistry is her life. She is ridiculously connected to source and one of the few people that I know that lives her life in integrity. My soul portrait communicates with me….it has become a very comforting & healing source for me. It is an active energy portal. I use that area to charge holistic remedies that I create for people. She works with many guides and waits and asks for clarity from her guides. She researches and learns as she progresses through your soul portrait journey, she journeys with your soul!! I also received a 4 page hand written reading. We are extremely fortunate to have Lisa be able to facilitate something of this magnitude. There is no one out there that would take the time needed to create such a MASTERPIECE. I waited 5 months, had no expectations….gave her the time she felt she needed ( she is also a perfectionist) If you like….feel free to come over and really look at it….and I will also share with you the reading.
You also asked about her classes. I have never taken one of her classes…..but, I am sure that if you reach out to someone that has, you will get a glowing report! This is her life’s work….she is a professional artist with intense training. NOW….EVOLVING OFF THE CHARTS WITH THE OFFERING OF HER SOUL PORTRAITS .”

Terry Leone, Client

How it Works

Lisa Fazio Parson School of Design Graduate, light worker in Reiki, angel and tarot card reader, essential oil acupressure therapy, tuning forks, gifted in many “Clair’s” meditation, a master international artist and teacher since 1981. She is national public speaker on TV and radio. Her artwork hangs in many private and public places including traveling Museum exhibits. Lisa has been creating spirit transformation art for over 15 years and is honored to share her gifts.

  • Add high vibrational energy and healing to your daily life- with more joy, love and compassion for your heart and soul!

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